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My “Top Ten” Priorities for 2016

“It is in the shelter of each other that people live.” (Irish Proverb) It’s funny how traveling away from home, celebrating the Christmas and New Year holiday season or lying in bed with the flu can provide the luxury of some time for personal reflection.  The end of 2015 found me experiencing all three.  I also discovered the quotation above, an Irish proverb that seems particularly apt at this time. As for traveling, once again, the best part of visiting…

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Seniors’ Advocate Puts Housing First

“Seniors’ Housing:  Affordability, Accessibility, Availability…We Can Do Better” puts the issue squarely at the forefront in this recently released report by B.C.’s Seniors’ Advocate Ms. Isobel Mackenzie.       Stating that she is “building on my commitment to evidence-based decision-making,” Ms. Mackenzie undertook research and gathered data from all over the Province that focused on income levels, rental housing and home ownership for seniors.  Her conclusion was unequivocal when she states “I found that for low and moderate [incomes]…

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Over 200 Packed the Room

“Nothing About Us Without Us” In his first large Town Hall Forum on Poverty and Homelessness, MLA Andrew Weaver welcomed over 200 people to the University of Victoria to participate in what was dubbed “The difficult conversation.”  I was asked to moderate the Forum (a real privilege for me) and was impressed with the large number of people who took the time to attend.  More important, with support and help from Reverend Al Tysick and his Dandelion Society, as well…

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Poverty & Homelessness – A Conversation

“The only real expert is the one who has experienced it.”  (Gloria Steinem)   I am pleased to be the moderator for MLA Andrew Weaver’s Town Hall Forum on Poverty and Homelessness — The Difficult Conversation, at the University of Victoria’s David Turpin Theatre, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm February 4, 2015. Having worked with “people on the margins” for a large part of my career, I know that many of us living in relative comfort rarely have positive…

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Be Part of The Conversation

Be a part of the conversation with local MLA Andrew Weaver. His Town Hall Forum will tackle the issue of Poverty and Homelessness, Wednesday, Feb. 4 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the David Turpin Building, Room A120 – University of Victoria. You can get more information on this important topic here: