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Writing can be cathartic for me and never more so than now, following the American election results of this last week. I have more than a glancing relationship with the United States, which could, in part, explain my visceral reaction to this election.  My parents moved our family from Victoria to Southern California in 1958 to seek new and better opportunities.  In 1961, we settled in Northern Nevada where my parents lived and worked until their return to Victoria in…

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Warm Front Brings “Sunny Ways” to Ottawa

A new era of Canadian federal politics unfolded in Ottawa and across the country with the swearing in on November 4, 2015 of a second Trudeau Liberal government. Since election day, changes in tone, intent and leadership have been nothing less than groundbreaking.  While media and political pundits covering events called November 4 a day of “firsts,” Canadians also seemed to agree that something remarkable had occurred, culminating in a very different political atmosphere that has successfully engaged us like…

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My Post-Election Perspective

Well, it’s all over but the shouting.  The longest election in Canadian campaign history ended with a triumphant Liberal sweep and a significant defeat for the Harper Conservatives.  The NDP also took a drubbing because it appears that when Thomas Mulcair turned right, Justin Trudeau went left and the rest, they say, is history.  The Green Party ran excellent candidates in BC but suffered from two important factors:  May was shut out of the English language debate and it appears…

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Survival Tips to Good Governance

With the federal election campaign roughly beyond the halfway mark, politics and politicians — what they say, how they behave and who might get and not get elected — are on the minds of many Canadians.  For those running for office, getting elected is only half the battle.  The other shoe to drop is stepping into the role and doing the work. Today’s climate for individuals serving the public as an elected official is a challenging one.  The majority of…

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On the Margins?

The federal election campaign is in full swing, but with two more months until voting day, that “campaign swing” will probably be more of a “campaign stagger,” as hustings-weary candidates, parties and Canadian voters head to the finish line on October 19.       If we can believe all the pundits and non-stop media coverage, this election is becoming more of a three-way race between Conservatives, NDP and Liberals, with anticipated gains by the Greens on the West Coast,…

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Celebrating Ten Years

I was a real skeptic about the use of social media ten years ago, until my son, computer whiz and techno enthusiast, helped me out on my 2005 municipal election campaign.  He told me in no uncertain terms that I “had to get with the program.”  The “program” he was talking about was social media.  “Mother,” (he always calls me “mother” when he’s trying to make a point) “you love to write and communicate so why not take your passion…

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Saanich, Sewage and Scuttlebutt

In the last six months, some of the most interesting and complete investigative journalism into local and regional government has occurred in Focus Magazine by editors Leslie Campbell and David Broadland and on-air with journalist and reporter Ian Jessop of  CFAX 1070 Radio. SAANICH The ongoing situation in Saanich, reflected by an apparent disconnect between duly-elected Mayor Richard Atwell and some Saanich Council members and senior staff, continues to unfold according to this month’s Focus Magazine.  In a follow up…

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Municipal Election Spending Limits Needed

Putting a Lid on Municipal Election Campaign Spending Needed Local election campaign spending is back in the news again, with the release this week by Elections BC, of candidates’ campaign spending.  The recurring theme is that as spending continues to go up, the ability of ordinary citizens to participate (especially young people), goes down.  Raising sufficient funds to mount a viable campaign is becoming a real issue for many communities and residents.  Are we trending toward U.S.-style politics?  Let’s hope…

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The Politics of Deer

  It is unfortunate that this issue continues to grind on in Oak Bay and the following “Letter to the Editor” expresses my ongoing concerns about how this deer management pilot strategy is being handled and how it’s affecting our community.   Letter to the Editor, Oak Bay News: As a veteran municipal Councillor who served nine years in two different communities, I’ve never seen such a divisive community issue as urban deer management in Oak Bay.  The topic continues to…

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Be Part of The Conversation

Be a part of the conversation with local MLA Andrew Weaver. His Town Hall Forum will tackle the issue of Poverty and Homelessness, Wednesday, Feb. 4 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the David Turpin Building, Room A120 – University of Victoria. You can get more information on this important topic here: