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Comments to Oak Bay Council on Saving a Heritage Home

MY COMMENTS TO OAK BAY COUNCIL May 28, 2018     First, I would like to acknowledge, with thanks, planner Deborah Jensen for her continued assistance to the Commission on this application and for her report and recommendation.  At its regular meeting on May 8, 2018, the Oak Bay Heritage Commission considered a demolition application for 599 Island Road, an iconic Francis Rattenbury/Samuel Maclure stone mansion built in 1909 and site of the original Jones’ family estate.   After careful deliberation…

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  As Chair of the Oak Bay Heritage Commission, I submit each year an annual report on behalf of all Commission members.  The following is our report for 2017, as well as a poster of upcoming events next week to celebrate Heritage Week in Oak Bay, thanks to Caroline Duncan and the Oak Bay Archives: OAK BAY HERITAGE COMMISSION 2017 ANNUAL REPORT Prepared by Cairine Green, Chair The Oak Bay Heritage Commission had another busy year in 2017 because of…

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The Housing Crunch

Over the past few months, media attention has focused on the loss of older character homes barged from Oak Bay and transplanted to other communities.  The San Juan Community Home Trust is a grateful recipient of these homes, re-purposed by the Trust as affordable housing on San Juan Island, Washington State.  This affordable housing project using reclaimed Oak Bay houses is the twist to the story that first caught my attention and that of local, national and international media; if…

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The first Oak Bay Heritage lecture for 2016.  Please mark your calendar and bring a friend or neighbour to hear Oak Bay’s very own Archivist extraordinaire, Jean Sparks. When:  February 17, 2016 at 7:00 PM Where:  Windsor Park Pavilion Refreshments will be served and donations at the door are always welcome.    


Please plan to attend these two heritage lectures, presented by Oak Bay Heritage.  They will be packed and who can resist a good love story or a glimpse into a lost garden? Hoping to see you there! To enlarge for easy reading, click on the images below.  


Oak Bay resident and marine biologist Jacques Sirois will present a lecture on the history, heritage and tremendous value of Oak Bay’s unique coastline and waterfront habitats, offering his unique perspective on how we can preserve our oceanfront environments and make our foreshore more accessible and attractive as “living classrooms.” WHEN:  September 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM WHERE:  Windsor Park Pavilion Presented by Oak Bay Heritage Donations Welcome at the Door

Oak Bay Housing Going South

This week, our local CBC radio show “On the Island,” with host Gregor Craigie, did an interview with a community leader who works for the San Juan Island Housing Trust in Washington State.   The Trust is committed to providing affordable and attainable housing by creating a neighbourhood of recycled homes that come from other communities. Always interested in hearing about new and innovative ideas for accessible housing, my ears really perked up when the guest described three recent additions…

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Mark Your Heritage Calendar!

Restoring a Heritage Home Please join Oak Bay Heritage on March 18, 2015 at 7:00 PM, at Windsor Park, to “listen and learn” about restoring a heritage home.  There will be a panel discussion, audience questions and answers and refreshments.  Donations at the door to Oak Bay Heritage are gratefully accepted.  Get there early — we anticipate a full house!  See you there.


HOME IS WHERE THE HERITAGE IS Do you own an Oak Bay heritage designated or registered home?  Are you planning some renovation, maintenance or restoration work this year?  Then hurry on down to Oak Bay Municipal Hall for a 2015 Heritage Grant application and a copy of grant policy, because you may be eligible to receive grant funding to help bring your older home up to snuff. The Application Deadline is March 31, 2015.  For more information about heritage grants,…

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Heritage Is Where the Heart Is

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 7:00 PM at Windsor Park Pavilion, to hear local resident, historian and Oak Bay Heritage buff Ben Clinton-Baker, present a historical retro-spective on Oak Bay Village, the heart of our community.  This is one in a series of lectures on topics significant to Oak Bay’s history and heritage, proudly sponsored by Oak Bay Heritage.  These lectures always draw good crowds so please arrive early.  Donations are gratefully accepted at the door and…

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Mark Your Calendars

Oak Bay Heritage has been going strong since the mid-1970’s in Oak Bay.  The Oak Bay Heritage Foundation and Municipal Heritage Commission work together to promote heritage and history every year through a wonderful lecture series organized by the Foundation and promoted across the community and region.  These lectures are always well attended, donations are taken at the door to support Oak Bay Heritage and facilities at Windsor Park Pavilion provide a great venue for audiences and speakers alike.  Please…

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