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Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council

Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council Oak Bay Heritage Commission chair and former councillor Cairine Green announced today that she will seek a seat on Oak Bay Council in the October 2018 municipal election. “Oak Bay’s strength lies in the talents of its people and the diversity of its neighbourhoods and natural beauty. I care about our community and know that its future depends on effective local government that actively seeks public input, is proactive, and that plans ahead…

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Writing can be cathartic for me and never more so than now, following the American election results of this last week. I have more than a glancing relationship with the United States, which could, in part, explain my visceral reaction to this election.  My parents moved our family from Victoria to Southern California in 1958 to seek new and better opportunities.  In 1961, we settled in Northern Nevada where my parents lived and worked until their return to Victoria in…

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Warm Front Brings “Sunny Ways” to Ottawa

A new era of Canadian federal politics unfolded in Ottawa and across the country with the swearing in on November 4, 2015 of a second Trudeau Liberal government. Since election day, changes in tone, intent and leadership have been nothing less than groundbreaking.  While media and political pundits covering events called November 4 a day of “firsts,” Canadians also seemed to agree that something remarkable had occurred, culminating in a very different political atmosphere that has successfully engaged us like…

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My Post-Election Perspective

Well, it’s all over but the shouting.  The longest election in Canadian campaign history ended with a triumphant Liberal sweep and a significant defeat for the Harper Conservatives.  The NDP also took a drubbing because it appears that when Thomas Mulcair turned right, Justin Trudeau went left and the rest, they say, is history.  The Green Party ran excellent candidates in BC but suffered from two important factors:  May was shut out of the English language debate and it appears…

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On the Margins?

The federal election campaign is in full swing, but with two more months until voting day, that “campaign swing” will probably be more of a “campaign stagger,” as hustings-weary candidates, parties and Canadian voters head to the finish line on October 19.       If we can believe all the pundits and non-stop media coverage, this election is becoming more of a three-way race between Conservatives, NDP and Liberals, with anticipated gains by the Greens on the West Coast,…

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Municipal Election Campaign Spending – Cairine Green

Transparency and Accountability  In the interests of transparency and public accountability, I want to share the Elections BC link with you, that provides detailed information on funding related to expenditures and donations, for my last municipal election campaign for Oak Bay Mayor. Please click on this link for my spending details:

Municipal Election Spending Limits Needed

Putting a Lid on Municipal Election Campaign Spending Needed Local election campaign spending is back in the news again, with the release this week by Elections BC, of candidates’ campaign spending.  The recurring theme is that as spending continues to go up, the ability of ordinary citizens to participate (especially young people), goes down.  Raising sufficient funds to mount a viable campaign is becoming a real issue for many communities and residents.  Are we trending toward U.S.-style politics?  Let’s hope…

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Oak Bay’s Advisory Commissions/Committees Under Review

The new Oak Bay Council announced that over the next three months, it will review roles and responsibilities of its advisory commissions and committees, avenues for meaningful volunteer involvement that signifies a commitment to citizen engagement.  A priority of mine during the last municipal election, it makes good sense to review, from time to time, the work of volunteer groups to make sure that they are still effective, efficient and relevant. It’s gratifying to see that this Council will also…

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Local Election Expense Limits — Province Releases Report

In case you missed it, a Provincial all-party Special Committee on Local Elections Expense Limits released its long-awaited report on December 15, 2014.  As stated in the press release, “the report contains results of the Committee’s public consultation on principles to guide the relationship between elector organizations and their endorsed candidates related to expense limits, and principles for establishing expense limits for third party advertisers.  Over 900 submissions were received.” While this report represents significant work and will help to…

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My Take on What’s Ahead for Oak Bay

I read with interest Mayor Nils Jensen’s “to do” list in the December 7th Times Colonist profile on his election win.  While many of the priorities sounded familiar to me (part of my own campaign platform), the following is a more complete list of what I believe Oak Bay’s Mayor should focus on during the first six to twelve months of this new Council term: work cooperatively on a proactive action plan with Mayors Helps and Atwell, for an Eastside…

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