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Oak Bay’s Advisory Commissions/Committees Under Review

The new Oak Bay Council announced that over the next three months, it will review roles and responsibilities of its advisory commissions and committees, avenues for meaningful volunteer involvement that signifies a commitment to citizen engagement.  A priority of mine during the last municipal election, it makes good sense to review, from time to time, the work of volunteer groups to make sure that they are still effective, efficient and relevant. It’s gratifying to see that this Council will also…

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Managing Risk — My Overview of Local and Regional Government to 2018

As new and returning Mayors, Councillors and Regional Directors across the Capital Regional District (CRD) sign on to a four-year term, many will be welcoming opportunities for positive change, new ideas and improvements that make a difference to their communities.       After all, local government is about what’s possible, what’s new and what initiatives and projects will matter most to local residents.  However, just over three weeks into the new term, I sense the wider landscape is beginning to…

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