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Warning: Not “Suitable”

Dear Bathing Suit: As the summer of 2017 quickly approaches, the painful truth is that our relationship is over.  Until now, I never realized that the acronym for “bathing suit” is B.S.  Now, as one of those baby boomers past sixty, I get it.  I panic at the thought of swimming in front of others in anything but cut-offs and an old T-Shirt.  You see, I lose on two counts when it comes to swim wear — Reuben has been…

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Celebrating Ten Years

I was a real skeptic about the use of social media ten years ago, until my son, computer whiz and techno enthusiast, helped me out on my 2005 municipal election campaign.  He told me in no uncertain terms that I “had to get with the program.”  The “program” he was talking about was social media.  “Mother,” (he always calls me “mother” when he’s trying to make a point) “you love to write and communicate so why not take your passion…

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It was an amazing race for the Mayor’s job and with a wonderful group of volunteers who pitched in willingly and did everything right, I was proud of our campaign.  We worked so hard to reach voters and present a different choice for leadership and a different voice of experience.  In the end, the voters chose the incumbent, preferring to go with what they know. I was aware of the risk going in, that to win would be the biggest…

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New Official Community Plan Adopted After Unanimous Vote

After hearing from over 25 speakers at last night’s Public Hearing on Oak Bay’s new Official Community Plan draft, and following clarification from staff that led to minor amendments based on key questions and points made by residents who spoke during the hearing, the Official Community Plan was adopted in a unanimous vote by Council.  The Hearing wound down at about 9:30 PM, earlier than I had anticipated. Density, infill housing, monster houses, parking problems, increases in crime and more…

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Oak Bay’s Draft Official Community Plan Gets Positive Reaction

I attended, with Councillor Pamela Copley, the Capital Regional District’s special Board meeting, to consider Oak Bay’s draft Official Community Plan document.  This is part of the regular provincial and legislative approval processes, following Oak Bay Council’s first, second and third reading of the document on June 29, 2014.  As you know, the OCP Public Hearing in Oak Bay is scheduled for September 9, 2914, 7:00 PM at Monterey Centre. Here are the comments made by some of the CRD…

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Oak Bay will be offering new information sessions on Emergency Preparedness.  These ninety minute sessions will be held as follows: Two Evening Sessions at Windsor Park Pavilion – 2451 Windsor Road Tuesday, September 23 and Tuesday, November 18, 2014 – 7:00 PM – To register for one of these sessions, call 250-592-9121 or email One Daytime Session at Monterey Recreation Centre – 1442 Monterey Thursday, October 16, 2014 – 10:00 AM – To register for this session, call 250-370-7300…

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It’s often said that information is power and in the case of the CRD sewage issue and the Seaterra Plan, nothing could be more true. In my July 17, 2014 blog post about the CRD Seaterra Plan (which I understand was covered by CFAX radio and host Ian Jessop), I expressed my own concerns about the failed CRD process to secure McLoughlin Point, and subsequent CRD attempts to circumvent the results of due process (public hearings) conducted by Esquimalt Mayor…

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It was a warm and busy day in Oak Bay on August 10th, with two big events featured in Oak Bay Village and along Bowker Creek.  The annual Car Show brought out big crowds and great cars of all types and vintages.  At Bowker Creek, it was the annual Artists’ Brush-Up, with two notable artists from Oak Bay posing for a photo, Pat Martin-Bates and Victor Lotto (Victor is also one of our Parks and Rec Commission members).  I also…

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Bowker Creek Brush-Up

This is a photo rendered through my Mac computer.  I just wish that I could create such artwork naturally, which is why, if you love real art as I do and you have the time on Sunday, August 10th, between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., please drop by Bowker Creek (off Hampshire) to meander and mingle with our local Oak Bay artists.  They are all part of the annual and very popular Bowker Creek Brush-Up.  Oak Bay boasts loads of…

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Update On Summer Meetings

The August 11th meeting may be cancelled due to some Council members being away on holiday and the challenge to get quorum for the meeting (4 sitting members are required for quorum).  Stay tuned to the Municipal website to confirm this and if the meeting is cancelled, the next meeting will be Monday, August 18th as currently scheduled.