Monthly Archives: August 2015

Oak Bay Housing Going South

This week, our local CBC radio show “On the Island,” with host Gregor Craigie, did an interview with a community leader who works for the San Juan Island Housing Trust in Washington State.   The Trust is committed to providing affordable and attainable housing by creating a neighbourhood of recycled homes that come from other communities. Always interested in hearing about new and innovative ideas for accessible housing, my ears really perked up when the guest described three recent additions…

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On the Margins?

The federal election campaign is in full swing, but with two more months until voting day, that “campaign swing” will probably be more of a “campaign stagger,” as hustings-weary candidates, parties and Canadian voters head to the finish line on October 19.       If we can believe all the pundits and non-stop media coverage, this election is becoming more of a three-way race between Conservatives, NDP and Liberals, with anticipated gains by the Greens on the West Coast,…

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“From the Seat of My Harley”

Normally, I write about local and regional issues in the Capital Regional District.  But I am departing from my norm and choosing instead to write about our recent motorcycle trip into the Chilcotin, Cariboo and Interior reaches of British Columbia.         Visiting small communities and talking to local residents provided me with new insights into their economic struggles playing out in rural B.C., especially in the Chilcotin. What struck us most was how remote and beautiful are the Chilcotin,…

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