Monthly Archives: February 2014

Trial Island Art Project Celebrated

It was an evening of recognition and celebration of a wonderful art project to commemorate Trial Island Light House, inspired in large part by Monterey Middle School Grade 6 students, their teachers and parents. A recent application by Oak Bay’s Heritage Foundation, to have the light house designated as a heritage site and preserved in perpetuity through federal legislation, got a boost when the students took on this art project in cooperation with the Foundation, and created a stunning collage…

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February 17 Committee of the Whole Highlights

DEER MANAGEMENT A wide-ranging discussion about an amendment to our Animal Control Bylaw to increase fines imposed on residents who feed urban deer, followed submission of a staff report recommending a bylaw amendment to our Animal Control Bylaw, to increase the fine from the current $100 to $300.  Some Council members wanted greater fine amounts imposed, a greater single amount for a first-time infraction or through a phased approach — for example, $100 for the first infraction and $400 for…

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OCP Open House Well Attended

February 15th’s community Open House to support the Official Community Plan (OCP) renewal process was very well attended.  People were engaged and enthusiastic as they toured displays to get more details about the community survey results released publicly last December.  This is the first of two Open Houses planned this spring that focus on survey results and how these results will be used to inform the new OCP.  Municipal staff, Council members and volunteers from the Official Community Plan Advisory…

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February 11 Council Meeting Highlights

Highlights of the Mayor’s Remarks and the Public Participation Period The Mayor reported out a variety of activities that included a meeting with Barkley Terrace long boarders that he facilitated; status on a new bus shelter on Oak Bay Ave. that has apparently been in the hopper for awhile (it will be going up soon); concerns for Oak Bay about having community mailboxes; and, resolution of on street parking issues on Cavendish. The current Chair of the Provincial Capital Commission…

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Oak Bay Joins Others in Supporting Human Rights at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games

Thanks to Mayor Nils Jensen and to staff for accommodating my request to raise the rainbow flag that demonstrates Oak Bay’s support for human rights, especially during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.  We join other municipalities and cities across Canada; the flag will fly in Oak Bay for the duration of the Games.

Re-Posting from March 2012

The February 4, 2014 edition of the Times-Colonist carried another article about the need for municipal election reform, titled “Local Election Reform Can’t Come Soon Enough.”  Nearly two years ago, I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Oak Bay News about similar issues, expressing my concerns about a troubling pattern of campaign over-spending in municipal elections.  Below is my letter re-posted for your information and interest: Municipal Election Campaigns Need Spending Cap Times Colonist coverage this week on…

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